Rohrer & Klingner 50 ml Bottle Fountain Pen Ink, Isatis Tinctoria (Ltd Ed)


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Rohrer & Klingner Fountain Pen Ink, Isatis Tinctoria, 50 ml

Limited edition - 2021

Rohrer & Klingner writing ink in 50 ml bottles. Founded in 1892 in Leipzig, Germany, Rohrer & Klingner fountain pen inks are made following well established recipes using specially treated water, natural ingredients and brilliant colorants. The well-balanced composition makes for optimal ink flow. Rohrer & Klingner writing inks are suitable for all fountain pens, quill pens and calligraphy utensils.

COLOR NOTE:Isatis tinctoria - inspired by the traditional woad the ink offers a deep blue shade that tends towards indigo.Woad has been grown in Thuringia since the 9th century and exported all over the world. Isatis tinctoria, also called woad, dyer's woad, or glastum, is a flowering plant in the family Brassicaceae. It is occasionally known as Asp of Jerusalem. Woad is also the name of a blue dye produced from the leaves of the plant. (Wikipedia)

  • 50 ml bottle (about 1.7 fluid ounces)
  • Flows smoothly
  • Fast drying
  • Water based
  • Non-toxic and pH neutral
  • Light fast
  • All natural dyes

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