Eversharp Slim Ventura Sterling Silver Fountain Pen/Pencil Set


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Eversharp Slim Ventura 723 Sterling Silver Fountain Pen/Pencil Set

Made in USA 1953-1957 - 14k nib

The "Burp" Pen

Eversharp Slim Ventura 723 sterling silver fountain pen and matching pencil. The pen has an aerometric-like squeeze filling system called the "Diamatic Filling Unit." The pencil (model 1723) takes 1.1mm leads, which it extends via the reapeater, or cap-actuated mechanism, where you click the cap down to extend the lead, like modern mechanical pencils. The writing instruments still have their paper pricing stickers. In original suede gift case.

CONDITION: New old stock - it does look like it was dipped at one time.

NIB: The box is marked F - writes very smoothly

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