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New, innovative, fun and sometimes unusual 
from the pen, paper and ink world delivered
4 times a year. Free shipping.

How the iPenBox works

What's an iPenBox?

iPenBox is a curated subscription box for the pen, paper and ink enthusiast, delivering a quarterly box of products to your door. Every season this mystery box will be filled with new, innovative, and sometimes unusual items from the pen, paper and ink world. Every quarter we hand pick items around a fun theme! This way you'll be able to discover and sample new items that you might not have heard of or tried before.  

What's in an iPenBox?

Every iPenBox will have a fountain pen and paper (notebook, journal, etc), and an ink sample. Occasionally, some items will be limited editions, only obtained through your iPenBox subscription! Pricing for the iPenBox is only $50 a quarter ($60 per quarter for Canadian shipments), which includes free shipping. You can cancel at any time, no questions asked. (International subscriptions are temporarily suspended until further notice.)

What happens when you subscribe?

There is no initial fee or charge when you first sign up. Your first payment will be charged on the 1st of each quarter. We'll then ship out your first iPenBox a few days after that. Soon after you subscribe, we'll send you a link to purchase any of the current or previous seasons boxes from our website (if available, and while supplies last). Your payments will automatically charge on the 1st of every quarter, and you'll continue to receive new iPenBoxes with an assortment of fresh and incredible products.

When does each season start?

The iPenBox is charged, and ships on a seasonal (quarterly) basis each year. Payments are automatically withdrawn the first of each quarter: January 1st (winter); April 1st (spring); July 1st (summer); October 1st (fall). Sign up at any time, and you'll receive the next seasonal box. Subscribe on the 1st day of the quarter and you'll still receive the current season's box. 

For more information on the iPenBox, check out our FAQ's, email us at, or call us at 734-253-2472.

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