DUX #9209 Duroplast Double Pencil Sharpener, Green


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DUX #9209 Duroplast (Bakelite) Double Pencil Sharpener, Green

DUX Duroplast Double Pencil Sharpeners are made in the DUX workshops in Germany, using the same mold as the original model from the 1930s. This beautiful and functional sharpener is the perfect desk or table-top accessory. Suited for pencils up to 6 mm in diameter (standard #2 style pencils) and crayons or large diameter wood pencils. Replaceable quality blades are made of specially hardened steel. Made in Germany.

  • For pencils, crayons and large diameter pencils
  • 2" diameter (53mm); 2-5/8" high (64mm), 1.9 ounces (54g)
  • Holes are 8.1mm and 10.1mm diameter

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