Esterbrook JR Pocket Fountain Pen, Fantasia Blue Sparkle, Fine Nib


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Esterbrook JR Pocket Fountain Pen, Fantasia Blue Sparkle, Fine Nib

Winter 2022 Limited Edition

In music, a fantasia is a mixing of styles that create a cohesive piece. It’s a blending of seemingly nonobvious forms that create a symphony that can be appreciated, enjoyed, or even hated. But, it evokes a strong emotion, like all great art.

And, really, is writing so different?

Many of us compose our own masterpieces on paper every day. We take from one source and cut, paste, rip, and tear to build something harmonious, seemingly out of nothing. And then, just when it’s about finished, we leave a little blank space to write our own story. And yes, this often evokes strong emotions, too.

The new Limited Edition Fantasia JR lets you improve and innovate any way you want to the beat of your own drum.

About the "J": The “J” was Esterbrook’s sleek and suave, classic pocket pen that appealed to the practicality of the times. It was a perfect pen for both men and women, and it still is today. The revival of this 1940’s and 50’s pen has all of the hallmarks of its predecessor, with a few new bells and whistles.The new “JR” (which is the original J reborn) is stylish and refined. It’s compact in size, so you can always keep one in your jeans, shirt pocket, purse, or briefcase. Take it with you wherever you go. And since we hope you’ll hold onto it forever, both the German JoWo nib and the top of the pen have been engraved with the Esterbrook Eternity symbol.

The barrel, cap, and section are turned from blended acrylic in a variety of vintage-inspired colors and polished to a high shine.

The JR is equipped with a German-made JoWo #5 steel nib. Gift boxed in an Esterbrook box.

Length Capped: 5.0" (127 mm); Length Uncapped: 4.65" (127 mm); Length Posted: 5.94" (151 mm); Width at center of barrel: 0.44" (11 mm); Width of cap: 0.55" (14 mm); Weight: 0.7 oz. (19 g)


  • Turned acrylic barrel and cap
  • Metal clip and accents plated to match the ring and nib
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Threaded cap
  • Stainless steel nib in gold plating
  • Eternity symbol on cap finial
  • Cap ring laser engraved with the Esterbrook logo
  • Weight – 0.7 oz
  • Cartridge and converter fill – both included
  • Fabric gift box

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