Field Notes, Limited Edition, National Highway Map


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Field Notes National Highway Map

The companion to “Mile Marker” is an old-school gas-station-style, difficult-to-refold-properly, Field Notes National Highway Map.Be sure to add the map to your shopping cart when you order your “Mile Marker” 3-Packs, because no glove compartment should be without one.

The map unfolds to 36" x 24.5" and features a large, colorful diagram of the continental Interstate System, designed exclusively for Field Notes by Mr. Cameron Booth of Portland, Oregon. It’s a beautiful and thoughtful data design solution.

The reverse side of the map is completely jammed with useful, sorta useful, and some fun-but-not-at-all-useful information. While it might not replace a GPS system for wayfinding, it is guaranteed to educate and/or confuse you during your next big road trip.

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