Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen, Metallic Desert Orange, 18k Medium


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Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen, Metallic Desert Orange, Matte Black Trim, Medium

Pilot vanishing point fountain pen. Revolutionary in its origin and unmatched even today, the Vanishing Point fountain pen by Pilot was the first retractable fountain pen on the market. Originally crafted in 1963, the precise engineering of the barrel and internal mechanisms allow the nib to disappear completely when not in use, creating a truly retractable fountain pen.

Durable metal body with lustrous metallic finish, black ionized 18k gold nib, matte black trims. Push the top button to expose or retract the nib. A cleverly designed hood covers the nib as it retracts, preventing drying or leaking. The nibs are interchangeable - order an extra nib assembly to easily switch ink colors while writing. Fills via cartridge or converter (twist converter is included; Pilot/Namiki bottled ink, cartridges and nib assemblies are available in our Pilot Refills section). Pilot gift box.

  • Ingenious patented design allows nib to retract into pen body
  • Durable metal body with lustrous metallic finish
  • Matte black accents
  • Features black ionized 18 karat gold nib
  • Replacement nib assemblies available in four nib sizes
  • Packaged in an elegant gift box with 1 pre-filled blue ink cartridge and 1 twist piston converter

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