Schneider Slider Rave Retractable Viscoglide Ballpoint Pen, Black XB


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Schneider Slider Rave Ballpoint Pen, Black Extra Broad (XB)

The Schneider Slider Rave is a retractable pen with a comfortable non-slip, ergonomically-shaped barrel for relaxed writing without hand fatigue. Smoother than gel! The Slider has established itself as a top-quality ballpoint utilizing Schneider's innovative Viscoglide ink - a high-performance hybrid ink that combines the best features of traditional ballpoint ink and gel ink. Super-smooth writing action and very fast-drying, the Viscoglide technology ensures exceptionally easy, gliding writing. The ink dries quickly so that a highlighter can be used without smudging the writing. Equipped with a Slider refill - also accepts any Parker-style refill. Made in Germany. Black ink is waterproof.

XB point line width: 1.4 mm

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