Hoerner (Hörner) Legno Rollerball Pen, Mahogany, Chrome Trim


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Hoerner (Hörner) Legno Rollerball Pen, Mahogany, Chrome Trim

The Hoerner Legno rollerball pen is made of a fine mahogany wood barrel with a metal grip, tip and internal parts. Hoerner has balanced the weight of this wood and metal rollerball pen so that it's at the ideal center point. This, in conjunction with its shaped grip section, makes it so that your wrist does not hurt even when writing for a long time. The integrated clip ensures that it always sits well on the pocket of your shirt, suit or blazer. The slide-on cap glides effortlessly onto the shaft and protects the rollerball refill from drying out.

Accepts all Schmidt 5888 and 888 rollerball refills. Gift boxed.

NOTE: Since real wood is used, the color and grain of the pen may vary slightly.

Length Capped: 5.4" (135mm); Length Posted: 5.95" (152mm); Barrel Diameter: 0.42" (10.5mm); Weight: 1.3 oz (37g)


  • Mahogany wood body with chrome trims
  • Shaped grip section
  • Heavy duty pocket clip
  • Expertly weighted
  • Accepts standard international rollerball refills (Schmidt 5888 or 888)

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