KUM Correc Stick Eraser


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KUM Correc Stick Eraser

The Correc Stick is a 9 cm long, ergonomically shaped eraser with the option of holding it as a pencil with the fingers or with the whole hand. It guarantees clean and smudge-free erasing. The pointed side allows punctual erasing and the round side allows erasing over a large area.

You can place the Correc Stick from KUM in your hand like a pen. You can use it to erase precise areas with the pointed side as well as large areas with the round side. It is ergonomically optimally adapted to the shape of the hand.

KUM Correct Stick Detail Eraser (assorted colors) is a high quality eraser for use on a variety of paper types. With an anatomical and stable body, it is specific for erasing details and/or making points of light in your creations. Made in Germany.

Dimensions: 3.5" (90mm) x 0.63" (15m) x 0.63" (15m) (height, width and length)


  • Ergonomic eraser
  • Can be held as a pen with your fingers or with your whole hand
  • Selective erasing with the pointed side, large area erasing with the round side
  • Clean and smudge-free erasing
  • Use on a variety of paper types

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