Blackwing Notebook Essentials Gift Set


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Blackwing Notebook Essentials Gift Set

With Dot Grid Notebook (A5)

Includes each of Blackwing's core pencils (602, Matte, Pearl, Natural), a One-Step Long Point Sharpener, a Point Guard, and an A5 Slate dot grid notebook — all in a stunning box set.

The perfect introduction to Blackwing pencils and accessories, all in one beautiful box set.

The Pencil Essentials Set contains:

- 4 Blackwing Pencils (1 x Matte - Soft Graphite, 1 x 602 - Firm Graphite, 1 x Pearl - Balanced Graphite & 1 x Natural - Extra-firm Graphite)
- 1 x Medium Black A5 Slate Dot Grid Notebook - Matte black hardcover, 160 pages of 100 GSM paper optimized for pencils & a holster loaded with a Blackwing pencil.

- 1 x One-Step Long Point Sharpener - Reliable and easy to use. Creates a curved long point that resists breakage

- 1 x Matte Black Point Guard - Protects your pencil points in your bag or on the go.


Blackwing pencils are made from genuine incense cedar and feature a unique ferrule that allows you to extend and replace the eraser. From Japan. For writing, drawing and sketching. Soft & smooth graphite core is perfect for artists and composers. Replacement erasers available in a variety of colors.

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