DUX #2580 Glass Inkwell Pencil Sharpener, Orange


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DUX #2580 Glass Inkwell Pencil Sharpener, Orange

DUX glass inkwell design pencil sharpener is made from a glass fountain pen ink bottle (which acts as a receptacle for any pencil shavings). Functional and beautiful, these are molded to look like ink wells from the turn of the century. The lids are sturdy heavy duty plastic with a solid aluminum sharpener bolted on. Suited for pencils up to 6 mm in diameter (standard #2 style pencils). Replaceable quality blades are made of specially hardened steel. Made in Germany.

2-1/4" wide (56 mm) x 2-1/8" high (53 mm) x 1-1/2" deep (34 mm)

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