iPenstore 12,000 Grit Micro Mesh for Smoothing Fountain Pen Nibs, 2" x 2" Pad


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iPenstore Micro Mesh

2" x 2" Soft touch pad of 12,000 grit Micro Mesh. Micro Mesh is an extremely fine abrasive paper that can be useful in smoothing out the tip of a scratchy fountain pen nib.

Directions for use:

Check the tines of your nib under magnification (we recommend a jewelers loupe, but a strong magnifying glass will work as well), to make sure they are aligned properly. If the tines are aligned correctly, and your nib is scratchy, Micro Mesh may help to smooth it out. First, determine the direction of the scratchiness when writing. Using light to normal pressure, replicate the direction by "writing" a few strokes in the same direction on the Micro Mesh. If a direction is not immediately evident, you can slowly write figure 8's to smooth all sides of your nibs at once. Be sure to check your work after every few passes by writing on normal fountain pen paper. The key is to go slow and be patient. Over smoothing can cause new issues to appear. We recommend using the Micro Mesh "wet" - add a few drops of water to the micro mesh surface to lubricate the nib. Your Micro Mesh sheet can be used over and over (use both sides of the soft touch pad).

Please Note:

Before using Micro Mesh, check the warranty information for your pen. If it's still covered under the manufacturer's warranty, we recommend contacting them first. Modifying a nib or pen will void the warranty.

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