KUM 400-5L Magnesium Long Point Pencil Sharpener


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KUM 400-5L Magnesium Long Point Pencil Sharpener

This 1-hole tempered steel blade long point pencil sharpener is made of magnesium alloy. It has a block profile with recessed grip area. The blades are made of high-carbon steel, therefore long-lasting and very sharp. Dynamic torsion action built into each blade makes for a smoother, cleaner cut. These sharpeners position pencil at more precise angle. Replaceable quality blade is made of specially hardened steel. 1.22" long (31 mm) x 0.65" wide (16 mm) x 0.62" high (15 mm). Made in Germany.

KUM Blades: All KUM sharpeners are equipped with ultra hard (65 hrc) and razor sharp high carbon steel blades. These blades are harder than ball bearings or any high quality knife. This is needed because pencil leads are made of a mixture of graphite and various types of clay, which are extremely hard. Each blade is razor-sharp. A felt sharpening wheel (similar to leather) is used as the last step in the automatic sharpening process.

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