KUM Meisterwerk 2-Step Long Point Pencil Sharpener


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KUM Meisterwerk 2-Step Long Point Pencil Sharpener

For Extra Long Pencil Points; 2-step process

In neoprene bag

The long-cone sharpener "Meisterwerk" (Masterpiece) by KUM is perfectly thought out. Wood and lead are sharpened in two separate steps. The sliding stopper allows you to expose the lead. "Meisterwerk" is packed in a plastic housing and also in a neoprene bag. Included are 2 replacement blades. The sharpener itself is made of magnesium. In order to achieve a perfect result when sharpening, extreme and very accurate tolerances must be adhered. Magnesium is the ideal material to create a sharpener with the highest precision. As the world's only manufacturer, KUM equates its sharpeners with curved knives. This brings the advantage of the knife edges being under constant tension, which does not raise pressure when pointing and thus prevents tearing of the pencil tip.

Approximately 1.5" long. Includes 2 extra long point blades. Made in Germany.

  • Two step long point sharpener.
  • The first blade removes wood from the lead until it reaches the automatic stop.
  • The 2nd blade sharpens the lead to an extra long point.
  • The automatic stop prevents further sharpening.
  • Long cone sharpener for wooden pencils with 8 mm diameter
  • Sharpener made of precision made material made of magnesium, in a plastic case, with neoprene bag, includes 2 spare blades

KUM Blades: All KUM sharpeners are equipped with ultra hard (65 hrc) and razor sharp high carbon steel blades. These blades are harder than ball bearings or any high quality knife. This is needed because pencil leads are made of a mixture of graphite and various types of clay, which are extremely hard. Each blade is razor-sharp. A felt sharpening wheel (similar to leather) is used as the last step in the automatic sharpening process.

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