Mobius + Ruppert #601 Pollux Brass Bullet Shaped Pencil Sharpener


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Mobius + Ruppert Pollux Brass Bullet Pencil Sharpener

For a long, concave tip

Best for premium pencils with a smooth core lead

The Pollux is machined from a solid block of brass and the design is reminiscent of M+R’s Grenade or Brass Bullet sharpener, but longer. The point the Pollux produces is long and concave. It has a unique longer blade and is designed to make a long elegant concave-shaped pencil point.

The M+R Pollux blade is 26mm long compared to 24mm of a standard sharpener blade. This flat blade is screwed down under slight tension, taking on the concave shape of the sharpener. Exciting to draw with, the concave point made by the Pollux helps to keep a fine point for longer.

Sharpen slowly to get the best results. 

Suited for pencils up to 6 mm in diameter (standard #2 style pencils.) Replaceable M+R quality blade (#0100-6010) is made of specially hardened steel. 1-1/8" long (28 mm). Made in Germany.

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