Pk/4 Retro 51 Rollerball Refills Tornado Pens, Black-Blue-Red-Green


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Pack of 4 Capless Rollerball Refill, 1 each Black, Blue, Red & Green

Short (3-7/8") length

Bulk value pack of 4 assorted color capless rollerball pen refills in medium (.7 mm) for all Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball pens. Made in Germany for Retro 51 by the Schmidt company - manufacturer of refills for most European pen lines. 1 year cap off time. Stock number for Black is REF5P, Blue is REF57P. Red is REF58P, Green is REF59P. Purchased in bulk from Retro 51 and packaged in a 4-pack.

  • Rollerball refill is 3-7/8" (97.5 mm) length

Partial list of brands (not all models take this refill): Bexley, Colibri, Delta, Krone, Marlin, Monte-Verde, Pelikan, Retro 51, Visconti, Yafa and any other brand using the European 97.5 mm (3-7/8") length capless rollerball refill. (Please note that the 8126 long version looks the same, but is 108.6 mm or 4-1/4"). MEASURE YOUR REFILL BEFORE ORDERING! (This does not fit the Rotring Jazz.)

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