Platignum Carnaby Street Soft Grip Ballpoint Pen, Orange


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Platignum Carnaby Street Soft Grip Ballpoint Pen, Orange

Each Platignum 'Carnaby Street' ball point pen has been ergonomically designed for comfort - to cushion and relieve the stress of writing - with its smooth, flowing action. Each pen comes pre-fitted with a blue ink cartridge but has the bonus of a black ink refill pre-packed in the blister package. This beautifully weighted and balanced pen is perfect for everyday use and would make the perfect gift for people of any age group.

Platignum No.9 'Carnaby Street' ballpoint pens are available in six funky colors - Yellow, Orange, Lilac, Pink, Blue and Green.

Length: 5.4" (136 mm); Diameter of Barrel: 0.4" (10 mm); Weight: 0.6 oz. (16 g)

  • Ergonomically designed to cushion and relieve the stress of writing
  • Available in 6 stunning color options
  • Excellent value for everyday use
  • Pre-fitted with blue ink but comes complete with additional black 'No.9' refill
  • Great, balanced pen for smooth writing action

Over fifty years after it happened, the 1960s remain the most consequential and controversial decade of the 20th century. Swinging London was the catch term applied to the fashion and cultural scene that flourished in London. It was a youth orientated phenomenon that emphasized the new and modern. Carnaby Street is synonymous with sweeping changes of fashion that still appear today, including psychedelic colors such as yellow, orange, lilac, pink, blue and green. The Platignum 'Carnaby Street' ballpoint pen recaptures the freedom of expression of the era. A freedom to express yourself in writing and making a bold statement.

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