Retro 51 Pen Sleeve by Rickshaw Bagworks for 2 Pens, Pan Am Passport


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Retro 51 2-Pen Sleeve by Rickshaw Bagworks, Pan Am Passport

Soft, flexible pen sleeve, lined with a plush interior

Travel the world with your favorite pen safely nestled in the Retro51 x Rickshaw Pen Sleeve, adorned with a mesmerizing passport stamps design reminiscent of a bygone era of adventure. Crafted with care and attention to detail, these sleeves are not just accessories but essential companions for every pen enthusiast and wanderer alike.

Polyester canvas fabric pen case with soft plush polyester interior from Rickshaw Bagworks of San Francisco. Case will hold medium-sized pens up to approximately 7/16" (12 mm) in diameter and approximately 6" in length (capped). Hand made in San Francisco, California.

SIZE: Approximately 6.1" x 3.2"

NOTE: Any pens shown in photos are not included

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