Retro 51 Celebration Tornado Rollerball Pen, Previously Owned


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Retro 51 Celebration Tornado Rollerball Pen

#611 (in original Retro 51 gift tube); Previously owned, opened but unused

Includes poster

Retro 51 "Celebration" Tornado rollerball pen. Limited edition pen featuring 51 of the most popular Retro 51 models from 1990 to 2020. Includes an 8" x 10" poster identifying all the designs.

The retractable rollerball has a twist-top mechanism and can be switched to a ball pen with a refill change.

It is fitted with a smooth flowing rollerball refill that is retracted with its patented knurl twist-top. Replace the rollerball with any readily available Parker-style ballpoint refill and your Tornado is now a ballpoint pen. You'll find both the Retro 51 REF5P capless rollerball refill and Schmidt P900 ballpoint refill for this pen in our store under Refills.

Length: 5" (127 mm); Width at center of barrel: 15/32" (12 mm); Weight: 1.0 oz. (29 g)


  • Twist-top advance mechanism
  • Easily switch to a ballpoint pen with change of a refill
  • Retro 51 logo on top of cap

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