Retro 51 Vintage Metalsmith Tornado 1.15mm Mechanical Pencil, Dr. Gray


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Retro 51 Tornado Vintage Metalsmith Mechanical Pencil, Dr. Gray

Retro 51 Tornado Vintage Metalsmith 1.15mm mechanical pencil, "Dr. Gray", an ode to Henry Gray, well known for his book on the human anatomy. The pencil has a glow-in-the-dark lacquer finish barrel and an antique silver trim.

Activate the lead with a twist of the top of the pencil. The huge eraser on the top of the pencil is for those who make occasional mistakes. An extra tube of 1.15 mm lead and pack of erasers is included. Gift packed in a matching Retro 51 gift tube that doubles as a pencil stand.

Length: 5" (127 mm); Width at center of barrel: 15/32" (12 mm); Weight: 1.0 oz. (29 g)

  • HB Lead
  • Twist-activated
  • Gift tube doubles as a pencil stand

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