Rosetta Magellan Quick Change Ink Cartridge Rollerball Set


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Rosetta Ink Cartridge Rollerball/Grip/Converter Quick Change Set

The Rosetta Roller - Convert your Rosetta Magellan to an ink cartridge rollerball pen

Rosetta quick change rollerball/grip/converter set for Rosetta Magellan fountain pens makes it easy to quickly change your fountain pen to an ink cartridge rollerball pen. Use any of your favorite fountain pen ink colors with the Rosetta Roller ink cartridge system. Ink cartridge rollerball tip made for Rosetta by Schmidt of Germany. Does not fit the Rosetta Explorer, Napoleon, Vulcan or Coronado. Made in Germany.

Ink Cartridge Rollerball Pen: The Rosetta Roller ink cartridge rollerball accepts fountain pen ink cartridges or a converter so that you can use your favorite fountain pen ink in a rollerball pen. Made for Rosetta by Schmidt of Germany, the tip is rated for 20,000 lineal feet of smooth writing. Medium tip is 0.7 mm. Schmidt recommends replacing the rollerball tip every 30 fillings.

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