Sheaffer Slim Rollerball Pen Refill, Black Medium


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Sheaffer Slim Rollerball Pen Refill, Black Medium

Sheaffer refills are renowned for being highly reliable and convenient for use on all paper. Sheaffer inks are a perfect match for their high-quality writing instruments. This high-quality, long-lasting Sheaffer refill is compatible with Sheaffer rollerball pens including those from the Sheaffer Valor, Taranis, Prelude Signature, Sagaris, Agio, Intensity, 300, 100 and VFM collections.

  • Contains high quality Sheaffer ink

  • Convenient for use on all sorts of paper

  • Compatible with all Sheaffer rollerball pens

  • Renowned for being long lasting and dependable

  • Formulated for long write-out and smooth flow

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