With the holiday season approaching, November is a great time to focus on calligraphy. Handwritten cards, holiday greetings and letters can be beautifully personalized with calligraphy. Modern calligraphy is very popular these days, and it's an easy script to create using a dip pen (calligraphy pen). If you have ever thought about trying it out, we have some great products for everyone from beginners to pros. 

iPenstore Calligraphy Sets

There are many good reasons to try calligraphy. It's a skill that has many benefits physically and mentally. It's very relaxing to sit and focus on handwriting with a beautiful bottle of ink, a pen and some nice paper. It's actually good for you to practice calligraphy because it forces you to be mindful of what you are doing in the moment, therefore it relaxes you and brings your stress and anxiety down.   

iPenstore Calligraphy Sets

We have calligraphy practice books and cards to help you master different calligraphy scripts. The one pictured above by Brause is a workbook that combines an introduction to calligraphy with practice pages to master the basic strokes. The notebook includes a history of calligraphy, description of tools, and lettering models (this book is written in English and German). 

iPenstore Calligraphy Sets

Different nibs are needed for different types of calligraphy. Choose a pointed nib made of flexible metal for classic scripts such as Copperplate. For Italic lettering, use a nib with a beveled edge, which means it is cut at the end at an angle. Calligraphy is a very enjoyable hobby.  Check out our selection and get started!

iPenstore Calligraphy Sets

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