Parker has just announced the newest addition to the best-selling Sonnet series. It's called "Great Expectations Special Edition." This new series will begin shipping in September. 

Drawing on over a century of fine writing history and innovation, the new Sonnet Great Expectations Special Edition series seamlessly combines Parker precision with modern accents, adding a touch of flair and individual style to the writing experience. The Great Expectations will delight you with fine-crafted finishes and many surprises. These special edition pens are designed with fine detailing on some of the more unusual parts of the pen including patterning on the often-hidden shell and cap ring. This level of intricate detailing has never been seen before and pays tribute to Parker's tradition of fine craftsmanship.   

Subtle Big Red

Revisiting the iconic Big Red, Parker's emblematic symbol of the roaring 1920's, this design gives a subtle hint of this familiar color against a deep black gloss finish. Deep black lacquer cap and barrel, black anodized aluminum grip on the fountain pen and rollerball pen, red anodized aluminum band, ruthenium trims. Fountain pen is 18k solid gold with ruthenium finish.

Subtle Pearl & Grey 

The subtlety of the understated pallet of greys and pearly whites chosen for the Pearl & Grey gives this pen a chic, feminine finish. This pen features a pearl lacquer barrel and grey pearlescent lacquer cap. Grey anodized aluminum shell with rose gold finished features to the trim, clip, and finish to the 18k solid gold nib.

Contort Black Cisele

A laser engraved design over a matte black barrel gives an authoritative yet stylish design. The fountain pen and rollerball grips are stainless steel, and the trims are palladium to give a sharper, whiter look than silver. The 18k solid gold nib is ruthenium finished. 

Contort Purple Cisele

A carefully crafted chiseled cap with intricate tactile grooves and a matching, purple brushed-look grip is a new take on the classic pearl lacquer. The pearl lacquer barrel is accentuated with rose gold trims. The nib is 18k solid gold with rose gold trim.

Secret Shell Black

A refined, black exterior surprisingly reveals a striking chevron pattern on the fountain pen and rollerball grip. the black matte cap and barrel is accentuated by the ruthenium laser etched stainless steel fountain pen and rollerball grip section. Trims are ruthenium finished. The fountain pen nib is 18k solid gold with ruthenium finish.

Secret Shell Blue

A sophisticated, matte blue exterior surprisingly reveals an intricate interwoven pattern on the shell. This use of hidden detail is an unusual feature, distinctive-- yet refined. The matte finish cap and barrel is accentuated by the ruthenium laser etched stainless steel grip. Like the black version, the laser etched interwoven pattern on the shell is unique to Parker and the fine writing category.

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