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Your everyday yellow number 2 pencil has a variety of mundane uses such as writing, drawing, filling in bubbles on standardized tests, staking small plants, and holding your hair in a bun. Sketch pencils are different, however. They are for serious pencil users. From technical work for architects and engineers, to creative work for artists, they are useful for drawing, designing, and sketching. We have a wonderful variety of sketch pencils and lead refills at iPenstore. Here are a few of our best sellers. 

E+M Workman

E+M Workman Pocket Clutch Pencil

Workman, by E+M of Germany is a pocket size clutch pencil designed for sketching, drawing and highlighting. Perfect for every creative person! The body is sustainable-forest wood and has a chunky 15 mm diameter. Short and stocky- the pencil is 100 mm long (3-7/8") making it great as a pocket pencil. The pencil uses a very hefty 5.5 mm lead and comes with standard (HB) density lead. Accepts 5.5 mm or 5.6 mm leads. Check our store for refill leads and an assortment of 5.5/5.6 mm sharpeners. You'll also find a variety of 5.6 mm lead colors (including dry highlighter leads) to fit this pencil under Rosetta Da Vinci. Made in Germany in Bavaria.

Worther Shorty 3.15 mm Mechanical Pencil

The Shorty is a practical mechanical pencil. With its thick, soft 3.15 mm graphite lead, it can write on almost all materials, including wood, metal, paper, plastic, glass (using a red lead), or x-rays (using a white lead). There is no fuss with sharpening the point - the leads automatically wear to a conical shape as you write. Advance or retract the lead with the push button spring clutch mechanism. 

The Shorty comes with 2 spare 7B graphite leads. Additional leads in 8 colors are available in our store under Refills. The rugged plastic hexagon-shaped barrel is 1/2" diameter and 4-1/4" long. Leads are approximately 2-3/4" length (70 mm). Made in Germany.

Kaweco Sketch Up "Softfeeling"

Kaweco  Sketch Up "Softfeeling" 5.6mm Pocket Clutch Pencil

The Sketch Up "Softfeeling" by Kaweco of Germany features a plastic barrel with a rubberized finish and grip grooves. The smooth, soft barrel has a modern look and a comfortable feel. The push button clutch mechanism has a sharpener under the cap. It comes loaded with with a 5B graphite leads. Accepts 5.5 mm or 5.6 mm leads. Made in Germany. 

DaVinci Comfort Grip Sketch Pencil

Rosetta Da Vinci Comfort Grip Artist's Sketch Pencil

Rosetta Da Vinci Artist's Sketch pencil features a soft black silicon comfort grip and brushed chrome barrel.  It comes loaded with an HB 5.6 mm medium soft lead for drawing and sketching. The sharpener is built into the cap. Approximately 4-3/4" long and 9/16" wide at the top of the barrel.

Rosetta Da Vinci Sketch

Rosetta Da Vinci 2 mm Lead Holder Mechanical Pencil

Rosetta Da Vinci is ideal for architects and engineers because it's perfect for illustrations or technical drawing. It features a brass barrel with a knurled steel grip. The clutch mechanism advances the lead and a sharpener is built into the end cap. Additional 2 mm leads in Black (HB, 2B or 4B), Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, Sky Blue, Navy Blue and Orange are available in our store under Refills for replacement leads.

Sketch Pencil Refills

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