October is here!  Maples are flaming with gold, red, and orange leaves. Better yet, pumpkins are ready to be picked in fields everywhere in the Michigan country side. There's a farm that grows and sells giant pumpkins just down the road from iPenstore! To celebrate October, we've picked Pumpkin Orange as the color of the month!

iPenstore Orange Montage

Orange makes me happy. I associate orange with joy and sunshine. Orange represents creativity, determination, and enthusiasm. It combines the physical energy of red and the cheerfulness of yellow. It makes me think of adventure and high energy! It's hard not to feel optimistic when looking at the color orange!  

iPenstore Orange Montage

iPenstore is celebrating October this month with some of our favorite products in shades of orange.

iPenstore Diamine Fountain Pen Ink, Pumpkin

iPenstore Orange iPenstore Orange iPenstore Orange

Items featured in these photos are: 

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